Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

5 Reasons to Join the Spark Collaborative Community

Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to help build a better world. How could she do that in a world struggling through a global pandemic, climate change, and toxic environments caused by greed, racism, a rise in far right ideologies, and war? What did she have to offer that could change things?

Unsure but ready for a change, she took advantage of the opportunities that opened up under lockdown and went exploring. No she didn't leave her house, but she took classes, connected with others around the world, had conversations, and discovered a world full of people like her--people who wanted to change themselves and the world but were unsure where to begin.

She realized that what she had to offer was multiple, and included:

  • Her belief that creative thinking could find new solutions
  • Her belief in collaboration across differences and disciplines, so that we learn and grow and don't get stuck in silos
  • Her belief that we can help support each other without competing and cutting one another down
  • Her belief that positive feedback, encouragement, and a community of support is more powerful than systems built on hierarchy and greed.
  • Her ability to inspire others, and guide them with interesting workshops and programs.

Along the way, she met other people who wanted to create something new. One of them said, "let's do it!" and together they began building on ideas. Together they created an online community intended to expand the conversation, support other people, and change the world one creative act at a time:

5 Reasons to Join Spark Collaborative!

1. The Community is Free!

Okay, you might think this is somehow a bad thing, if you buy into the idea that the only thing worthwhile has to cost a lot. However, by offering a free (private) community we can create a stronger, more supportive community. We will also be able to provide a platform that grows, with both free and paid workshops and opportunities, as more people become involved.

2. We Believe in Multiple Passions

In this group, we believe that you can want to be and do many things throughout your life. In her book, Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You, Terri Trespicio writes:

"[. . .] people are compelling and complex. To believe you can be boiled down to one thing is not only unrealistic and uncommon; it's also dangerously reductive, and could lead you to abandon things before you fully discover their unique pleasures and rewards." (33-4)

Trespicio, Terri. Unfollow Your Passion, New York: Atria Books, 2021.

At Spark Collaborative, we encourage people to try new things, explore unexplored wishes, play like their inner child, and be open to new possibilities.

3. Make Connections and Find Collaborators

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to inspire your team to be innovative or build a stronger community within your workplace? We have experts in the use of improvisation and other collaborative team-building techniques who could help you develop a program.

Are you a children's book author in search of an illustrator, or an illustrator in search of an author? Have you thought about self-publishing but are unsure how to even begin? We have people in our community who have done all of these things?

Are you interested in trying something new, but afraid you will be judged for stepping into your creative zone rather than focusing on your job? Everyone in our community is looking to support and be supportive, and will encourage you to explore.

4. Workshops, Programs, Events

We offer a variety of events--some free for all community members, some come with a charge--but all are intended to spark and support new ideas. Our current offerings include:

  • Gateless Writing Salons on Sundays at 4pm EST for those interested in a safe place to explore ideas and find your spark. (Register here).
  • Free Monthly Creativity Salons (2nd Saturday of every month at 11 am EST) Register Here. We combine the Gateless method with creative play and improvisation to simply have fun and create together.
  • Coming soon: an illustrator/writer matchmaking event, where you can meet and connect with fellow creatives.
  • Coming Soon: Course: You Don't Have to Choose:--Learn to integrate ALL your many interests into your work and/or life in this 4-week facilitator guided program.

A Community Built By its Members

Our intentions with Spark Collaborative is to grow with our members. If you want to offer a workshop or a program yourself, just contact us and we will help you out. We provide the platform and help with promotion, you get the pay from your own program (minus a small fee to maintain the site and technical support). If you want to offer something for free, or just practice a presentation before launching into something bigger--test it out on us and get feedback. If you want us to offer a specific type of workshop or program--we will make it happen.

Spark Collaborative is a place to grow, explore, create, discover, and collaborate. We will become whatever the community can imagine, and we will do it together.