Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

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I am excited to connect with you. As you get to know me and my work, you will discover that I see creativity as a collaborative act that helps build connections with people. 

Whether I am writing fiction or nonfiction, directing or devising plays, or creating workshops, it is always about celebrating the uniqueness of individuals, and helping build collaborative creative communities. 

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Some Common Questions:

How often will I get emails from you?
  • Look for a monthly newsletter containing: prompts and inspiration for your own creativity, announcements about upcoming books or events,  and ways that you can be part of my team!
  • On rare occasions, if I have a big announcement, you may receive an email, but I promise never to spam you.
Where can I find you?
  • Look on my appearance page for any author events, workshops, or talks that I may be doing.
  • Join the creative community at Spark Collaborative, where I offer weekly (or more) Gateless Writing and Creativity Salons. We also offer other workshops and programs (both free and paid) for people who want to expand the creativity in their lives. You can connect with podcasters, bloggers, writers, illustrators, and many more.
Where can I get your books?
  • Links to my books as well as some anthologies and short stories can be found on my books page
  • As of this moment, my writing is only available through other sources. This may change soon, and I will offer sales through this website. If that happens, your data will remain safe.  
What if I would like you to give a talk, create a program, or lead a worskhsop?
  • Simply click on the contact tab and send me a message. Let's connect. 

How can I help support your next project?

  • More on this coming soon!​​​​​​

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