Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

A Gorilla Story

He sat eating grass, contented with the peaceful moment despite the chatter of strange creatures watching him from behind an invisible wall. For the most part he could ignore them, as they were always basically the same--endless variations of mostly hairless creatures who walked on two legs, sometimes pushing their young in unusual contraptions. They varied in color and shape, as well as the strange outer layer that came in bizarre designs and colors not usually found in nature. They came daily in an endless stream, chattering their bizarre vocalizations in some attempt at communication.

He tuned them out.


This time, however, he noticed one who seemed a little different. Smaller than the full grown males but larger than the young, he assumed this unusual version was female. She sat with her back against the clear sheet that separated him from these dangerous beings, but he could see her watching as he placed more succulent greenery in his mouth.

Her mouth didn't move and she didn't emit any of the annoying chatter as an attempt to get his attention. She sat and watched and he could sense the kindness and empathy that communicated so much more than the multi-toned gibberish.

I want a moment with this creature, he thought.

He took the time to finish his snack before he lumbered in her direction, watching her the whole time. No need to rush--he could sense her interest and connection. She remained calm and silent, watching his face.

5-IMG_4674He reached her and turned to sit with his back touching the same spot as hers. He could sense that they both yearned for the partition to be gone. He wanted to feel the strange textures of her hair and whatever covered her body. He knew, somehow, that she wished to feel his magnificent graying fur. He sensed her joy at his presence and this tiny gift of kindness.


1-IMG_4675But the moment couldn't last. The other creatures on her side of the partition became to excited and began a cacophonous frenzy which interrupted the communion of two quiet souls. So, after only a brief rest in this mystical communion, he wandered on to find a new peaceful spot.