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A Spot of Silliness in Celebration of Words


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Today I’d like to celebrate the words I love to say; words that scintillate words that titillate and words that have their way every time you write them down or speak them to a crowd, these words have ways of standing out and proclaiming that they’re proud of being words so eloquent that your mouth delights in form words like “amorphous,” a shapeless word that conveys a sense of mystery, or “crepuscular”, a twilit word we never use enough-- instead we write of failing light and the growing dimness of dusk. “S”-sounds slip into my mouth with mellifluous ease, seducing me with their insouciance, a susurrating tease. However, it’s not just beautiful words that seduce me with their song but words that hit me viscerally --a cacophony gone wrong. Words that punch and kick and scream their right to be heard, those words too deserve a space in a home that celebrates words.


I found some of the words on this list at "100 Beautiful and Ugly Words" by Mark Nichol on Daily Writing Tips.

What are some of your favorite beautiful/ugly words that you love to use or wish you would use more often?