Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

An Open Letter to American Cowards (aka supporters of the NRA)

I cannot change your mind with words, but words are all I have pouring from my bleeding heart like drops of life from a gunshot wound.

I choose these words with care. In your mind I am that bleeding heart "Libtard" "Feminazi" bitch who should remain silent.

But let me tell you who you are . . .

You are cowards.

  • You value guns over life, because a BIG gun makes you feel powerful, or perhaps, more manly.
  • You value control of women's bodies because you are afraid of women's power. Yet you argue that you are protecting life, See above.
  • You value money over life because money gives you a sense of power and control. But you can't eat money. You can't breath money. You can't drink money. You can't love money, and you can't survive with money alone.
  • You value the lack of pigment in your skin over the richness of color in the world, because you are AFRAID that you aren't enough. Your only claim to power is the color of your skin, the size of your penis, the thickness of your wallet, or the strength of your guns.

The truth is painful, you aren't enough, but you are COWARDS.

And we are not.