Lisa A. Kramer

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Confessions of a Book-aholic

Hello, my name is Lisa and I love books.

I know . . . I know . . . shocker, right?

However, given the number of times I've packed up and moved to various points across the country (including to and from Hawaii) and even to and from Japan, my love of books is a slight challenge at times.

With the advent of Kindle, you'd think it would no longer be a problem, but no . . . it simply means that I can buy some books instantaneously while being a bit more selective about which books I buy in printed copies.

Book pilesI still prefer the printed copies, however.

This leads to a problem in a house that doesn't have enough shelf-space.

It also makes things hard to find in a collection that includes: all types of fiction; theatre books; art books; travel books; books about Japan; design books; plays; theory books, etc.

I decided that one of my goals for this month was to reorganize our bookshelves in the hopes that I would make things easier to find, as well as weed out duplicates or books we no longer need. Today I made my first move, venturing down into the least-organized part of the house, the "Man Cave." (When Nathan leaves me alone for a month, his territory is fair game).

I began by pulling books off the shelves and attempting to organize them in piles that make sense. So far I've only made the tiniest dent.

Too Many Books

I discovered a few things in the process:
  • I am not the only guilty one when it comes to collecting books that may have yet to be read. Nathan's collection of Asian Theatre books and design books is clearly one that needs to be explored.
  • I have either forgotten a lot of the plays I've ever read, or I am woefully under-read. (The row of books against the windows are all either individual plays or collections, and I'm sure there are more around the house that I need to place there).
  • Nathan is a total geek (some of the titles are clearly the collections of a geek-man)
  • Despite the fact that I know I should get rid of books, I still can't let some of them go. (There are duplicates in the play collection).
Eventually, the books will take over and we will all be buried.

I think I need help. ;)