Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

I Dance With Light

I was once a human child, but that was not my destiny.


I was born to share the secrets that can only be heard and felt in the between times--in the time when darkness and light meet to allow entry between worlds.

I am one of the guardians of the gate, one of the dancers of the light. I send messages hidden in the air, depending on the audience and the importance. Sometimes my messages shoot through the sky--as inspiration, as warning. I am the spark, the firefly, the flame.


Sometimes the deeper messages lie hidden in the mists. The gleam of the never-ending dance between darkness and light--for neither can survive without the other.


How did this happen? How did I become something beyond my human shell and turn into a child of light? I danced too close to the flame one day, but it was not a day to mourn. I did not leave my mortal body, I was invited to the timeless dance. Welcomed with open arms and flickering lights. Destiny called and I had not choice but to answer.


Don't worry, I didn't leave my family to mourn the loss of their little girl. They knew that my life in the mortal world would be short. They had been told when I was born that they were raising me for a greater calling. A visitor came as I suckled on my mother's breast for the first time and shared my fate, my destiny. He said they were to raise me to understand the joy of life as a well-loved child, and celebrated each moment with me. He said that my time with them might be short, but it would be glorious.


He told them that my destiny called.

They cried real tears then. But when it came time to say goodbye they each gave me hugs and loving words. They kissed me and watched my final dance into the flames.

Now I dance with light, and whenever I can I visit them with messages of hope.

My life is full of wonder, and my power adds to the magic of your world. What more could a girl want?