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I Yearn for Music

Now for something different. Inspired partly by Lizzi Roger's journey into Spoken Word over at Hasty Words a while back, partly by the fact that April is National Poetry Month, partly by the fact that I have been struggling with prose lately, and partly by the desire to challenge myself, I've created this for your listening/reading pleasure experience.

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I yearn for music I wish I could reach inside my soul and let the sound escape fingers flicking over strings or dancing over piano keys. Black and white steps to the secret inside of me. My heart-song. But I do not have the power.

I yearn to raise my voice in melody perfect pitch climbing the skies so that the heavens open up to joy, or perhaps sultry, husky crooning in the deep dark depths of a jazz bar as I fulfill a secret bucket-list dream. Long flowing gown moving with me as I release my soulful sound. But I do not have the courage.

My music is words. Short, staccato, bursts of sound. Tapping their way into meaning. Or perhaps the sibilant seduction of syllables floating along with meanings just beyond comprehension. Can one sing with a pen?

Some days I envy those who hold music in their palms or whisper sweet melodies through a gleaming instrument.

I yearn for music the kind that carries you on a wave of sound whisking you away to times unseen, worlds unknown memories forgotten deep inside your soul.

I yearn for the beat of a drum ra-ta-ta-ting along with my heart teaching me the rhythm of the land of hate, of anger, of passion ba dum ba dum ba dum the truth.

I long for the whisper of a flute enticing my butterfly-soul to dance in the wind colors flying the sweet truth of my heart.

I desire the sultry saxophone singing my soul deeper into love or sex or romance.

I yearn for the power to sing my truth in a language that goes beyond words. A language that makes your body sway to the rhythm dance to the flow gallop to the heart beat of your very soul

I yearn for the music.


The Music of Words

I ask the question, "can one sing with a pen?" when truly I know the answer. I find it in books I've read recently, many of which I mention in these pages. However, since today is the official book birthday of one of these books, one that has a musicality and a power of its very own, I want to suggest that you order it today: ORDER OF SEVEN by Beth Teliho. Order of Seven

And, of course, don't forget to find the music in my own words . . . maybe that's the next P.O.W.ER I need to explore. 

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