Lisa A. Kramer

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Pompous Verbosity for Fun (100 Word Challenge)

For this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, we must incorporate the following words into our post: Ripple  Brood  Evocative  Lilt  Untoward. These five words come from the list of "103 Most Beautiful Words" posted by another blogger. I, in my state of (I'm making up a word here) frustratedboredommixedwithwriter'sblocktiredofwaitinglimbo decided to extend my own challenge by using as many of the beautiful words as I could in my post, knowing--of course--that I would come off sounding like a pompous jerk who uses big words when simple ones will do. The red highlighted words are from the challenge. The purple highlighted words are from the list.  Enjoy, join the challenge, and visit some of the other participants.

As I sit in limbo brooding over the vagaries of life, with its plethora of  untoward yet serendipitous incidents, I ponder the meaning of our existence. Suddenly, an evocative sound interrupts my thoughts, like the effervescent tinkle of a hundred lilting fairy voices. What is it? I wonder. Do I hear the voice of angels, coming to soothe my woebegone soul? No, it is simply a ripple of laughter, floating upon a mellifluous breeze. What a felicitous tintinnabulation, I think to myself. The wonderful sounds are a lagniappe to my soul; simple reminders that the evanescent moments of life are what make life worth living.