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Ten Things of Thankful #5: Life Unexpected


I sit in a coffee shop facing my nerves. A man sits beside me holding a book--the story of Faust written in German. We talk about learning, about teaching, about language. I tell him I must go to my first book signing. He joins me there and shares the story of his name as I sign his book. "My name is Candelabro," he says and I learn of secrets hidden in his family's past. His life, his story, invoke the possibility of a world unfolding in a book as yet unwritten.

I am thankful for the gift of unexpected characters I meet along the way.



I face the struggles of motherhood, as my daughter stretches her wings. It often seems as if we have lost the ability to communicate--our words shoot arrows into the hidden sensitive spots deep inside. She aims to hurt, I deflect. I find myself falling into despair, into failure. So  I reach through the screen to women I've never met, and may never meet. I share words hoping that someone will understand, will not condemn, will believe. They open their hearts and their stories that give me comfort and hope.

I am thankful for the community of strangers who are becoming friends.


Three women meet to discuss a project. One, a student, following her passion for her senior capstone--merging the arts to educate and challenge domestic abuse. One, an educator--an expert on people with diverse abilities and creating programs that empower others. The third, me, bringing these two incredible spirits together to make the magic happen. The joy flows between us, as we dream about possibilities, imagining programs that grow and challenge and make a true difference.

I am thankful for the people in my life who never stop dreaming.


As I stand in the bookstore, surrounded by people I suddenly feel like I am at home.

I am thankful that I have found my tribe, in people who embrace the world of words.


I will be directing a play in the fall, for the first time in many years. (First fully staged one in a while). I wonder if I will be rusty. I wonder if I can do it. I sit in the car with my husband, talking about the play. My voice fills with excitement.

I am thankful for the creative life I lead.


Friends from all around reach across the distance of space and time to tell me they love my book. It makes me feel powerful.

I am thankful for the rich and varied connections I've made all around the world.



I am thankful for a partner in life who is a silly and playful as I am.


But he also knows that sometimes I just need a break.

I am thankful that he understands.


Today I had every intention of finishing a pile of grading. I drove to my favorite coffee shop, only to discover that Nathan had taken my grading bag out of the car (thinking he was being helpful). That's okay I thought some of it is on-line. I went in, bought a delicious chai, and found a place to work. The internet was down. I worked on my WIP instead.

I am thankful that sometimes the universe gives you the gift of time to work on what you really want to do.


Sometimes being thankful is hard. Sometimes the words won't come. Sometimes your heart cries real tears and you think you can't . . . but then you do.

I am thankful for #TToT for helping me find peace today, when things got a little rough. <3

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What are you thankful for today?

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