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The Invasion Begins

What does the word invasion mean to you? Do you picture armies pouring out of spaceships or across borders? Or could it be bugs making their way into your home? Could it be an invasion of microscopic organisms taking over your body? Perhaps its simply a visit from relatives during the holidays.

Is an invasion massive or personal? Is it something seen from afar or felt only by one?

In Theme-Thology: Invasion, 15 talented independent authors and 2 incredible artists come together to explore the idea of invasion using any style or genre that interested them. The result is a fabulous and eclectic mix of stories told in a variety of voices, genres, and perspectives. From personal invasions of the mind, to aliens in our midst. From fantastic worlds, to microscopic organisms, there is something for everyone in this diverse collection.


For my followers, off course, the anthology contains my short story, "Voices." Here is a short excerpt:

At first she’d attributed the voices in her dreams to her own inner doubts and fears—voices that she thought she’d buried long ago so they could no longer hurt her. There was the cruel critic inside who tried to make her question how she’d ever come this far; or the voice of her inner perfectionist who forced her to exhaustively revise and rewrite everything she ever did. The one she hated the most was the personality who told her she was a fake, a phony, an imposter. She’d fought for a long time against those voices of doubt, and thought she’d won her battle until they began to invade her dreams.

 The new voices in her dreams were more menacing. Individual voices soon became a crowd of unidentifiable Voices, each building on her doubts and concerns in a never-ending chorus. The cacophony became so loud she dreaded sleeping, and tried anything legal she could think of to achieve a dreamless sleep.
The book is available NOW for $2.99 on Kindle,  and will soon be found on Nook, and Kobo! For more information about this series, visit HDWP Books at

Join the invasion! Or look behind you because it's coming right now.

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