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The Power of Looking Through a Different Lens


My daughter had a friend sleep over on Sunday night.

Yesterday, rather than let them sit around playing computer games all day (which they love to do) I insisted we take advantage of the slightly warmer weather (a balmy 40 degrees unless you factor in the wind) and go to the botanical gardens for a little hike. My husband gave them the challenge of taking pictures.

I grabbed my camera--yes my camera instead of my phone--and decided I wanted to explore the world in black and white.


When you look at the world through a different lens, you discover things you might never have noticed before.

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On a regular basis I see the world through many different lenses. (Or, if you don't mind a mixed metaphor, I wear many hats).  Sometimes that can be overwhelming. Today, as the semester begins and I have to return to the lens of Lisa Kramer, Ph.D (aka Adjunct Faculty Extraordinaire), I wonder if that lens fits anymore. There are many things I still love about teaching and about theatre, but there are also many things about the academic world which no longer fit into my picture of myself. I wonder if going back to the regular routine will distract my focus from writing, from spreading the word about P.O.W.ER, from creating more opportunities for heArtful Theatre, from helping my daughter through the difficult tween years.I wonder if I still want to look at the world through this particular lens.

But fate intervened in an interesting way this morning, as a guest post that I forgot I had written (funny how that happens) went up on Lori's Reading Corner--a post about learning to juggle and celebrate keeping many balls in the air.


Lori's Reading Corner
In this post I remind myself that I thrive on the variety of life.  That there is power in choosing to keep all the balls in the air. In the same way, there is power in looking at the world through many different lenses. My life has been (and will continue to be) a rich tapestry of experiences. As long as I keep my eyes open, each one of them can reveal something new.

I just have to remember to switch the lens once in a while.