Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

The Power of Spirit

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Once upon a time in the land between a young spirit was born. She sparkled with energy and light, and exuded warmth and comfort. She zipped around the world between asking questions, challenging answers, sharing stories, and wanting to know everything there was possible to know.

One day, as she was in search of something new to discover she noticed a break in the swirling energy that defined the borders of Between. She'd heard of those breaks before, they were the little leaks that allowed the creative energy of Between to travel to other places. Sometimes she saw other spirit beings peeking through the little rifts, and sending energy in strange directions.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Giving someone a gift," was the answer. "Someone needs a creative boost."

The rifts didn't last long, so it was rare for anybody to see what happened to these gifts.They hoped and imagined it was used for amazing things.

Usually the breaks were small, only allowing a little energy to leak out. This one, however, was large enough for the young spirit to crawl through. In her infinite desire for new knowledge and understanding, she decided to go and discover where the creative energy went. She couldn't wait to see what would happen.

So the young spirit found herself in a strange world. One dominated by two-legged creatures that called themselves human. These creatures were very confusing. The young spirit could see leaks of creative energy from her world all over the place, and yet they didn't seem to know how to use it well. Some of them embraced the energy to create wonderful, magical, and caring ideas and things--thing spirited by the power of love. But many took that energy and corrupted it, turning it into something it was never intended to be.

Meanwhile, the young spirit found herself in one of these human bodies. Her form was petite and spritely, never quite containing or encompassing the powerful spirit energy that made up her essence. She used her body well, to study, to learn to try to understand this bizarre world. She asked questions and demanded answers. She did not settle but pushed herself to achieve dreams. She developed hopes and plans for the future--plans that would allow her to share the creative energy of her origins through story, in new and wonderful ways. She grew, and learned, and challenged, and slowly forgot that she someday would need to return to the land Between, because all spirit and energy from that land must return to replenish itself.

And so, one day, after she had only been in this world for a blink of a Between eye, her human body could no longer contain the power and energy of her true spirit. A new rift opened between worlds, and her spirit returned home.

The humans she left behind were all shocked and saddened. She was too, but she knew a secret truth. All those who had touched her human shell would now have greater access to the energy of Between. Even though they could no longer see her, they would feel her spirit and creative energy whenever the needed it the most. She now understood how to use the tiny rifts to send energy to the right people, and in that way she could still be connected with the world and people she loved.

They could not see her, but they knew that she was still with them, sharing the power of story.

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And yet she will still be missed. Rest in Peace my friend. I am so sad that your story ended too soon.