Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Today I Choose

Today I choose to be gentle  to sit in each moment   witnessing the wonder of  the air touching my skin,  the birds having endless discussions,  the taste of cinnamon and spices  as I sip my tea.Today I choose to forgive.  No, not those hate-filled humans  who cannot see past centuries of conditioned greed  and imagined power.  Too many of them are beyond forgiveness.  I choose to forgive myself  for my failures, my mistakes, my ineptitude, my sorrow.Today I choose to move slowly  do allow for brief moments of joy  of contentment  of sorrow  of peace.Today I choose to read  or to write  or to simply be with myself  learning again how to become my own best friend.Today I choose one step at a time.  Tomorrow, I begin again.