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UFO Messages

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Image by thinboyfatter via Flickr"]UFO? UFO?[/caption]

In a vibrant aquamarine sky, tiny white spaceships drop down toward the earth, similar in shape and movement to the old Atari Space invaders game. (Yes, I am dating myself). But the sky was blue, and the UFO's did not have evil-looking faces.

One of my recurring childhood dreams always began that way.

The scene would then shift, to a beautiful, crystal night sky sparkling with billions of stars. I sat on the front stoop of my childhood home, watching the beauty. The townhouses across the street sat quietly, waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly a giant rectangle forms in the sky, and a movie starts to play in bright and vibrant colorful display. This internal movie was always different. It always had some sort of message for me, although I cannot recall any of the specific details. I watched with enthusiasm, absorbing the knowledge and wisdom displayed in the heavens. Sometimes neighbors came out to join me, our heads craning upward in company.

After the movie, the street became crowded with a fair-like atmosphere. Music playing, people dancing. Cotton candy and fried dough vendors selling their wares. All in the length of street in front of my childhood home. The revelry became overwhelming. I very rarely joined in, but watched from the safety of the front stoop.

The inevitable twist in the dream came than. As a gigantic, lone UFO moved down from the sky. Chaos ensued, with screaming masses trying to escape from what they perceived as their inevitable doom. My role here shifted from dream to dream. Sometimes I was trying to be the ambassador, calming everyone down "The come in peace" because I knew they did. Sometimes I sensed that the UFO represented destruction, and I tried to help others escape.

The UFO would land and a creature would come out, bearing ill or good depending on the dream and . . .

I would wake up.

I welcome interpretations of this dream from my childhood. Or, share any recurring dreams you have had in your life, that stay in your memory.

I share this in honor of Sidey's Weekend Theme--UFO. Join us in the fun.