Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Unbecoming and Creative Reinvention

I started blogging years ago, before I started my own website. I embraced it fully. I posted daily, built a following, read other blogs, interacted. It became a focus of my life, and helped me through a very difficult transition period. I actually started it because circumstances led my family away from the home we had built in Durango, CO, and my friends there encouraged me to write as a way to stay connected.

[caption id="attachment_10669" align="aligncenter" width="224"] A screen shot of my very first post years ago.[/caption]

It helped me in so many ways.

Then life shifted again. I focused on finishing and publishing my first book. I started my own website (and through that lost some of my followers) and realized I could not maintain the momentum. So, while I still made the occasional post, I moved on to other things. I missed the community I had built, but I found other ways of creating, and other projects to work on.

That was  until I entered the desert. The soul-sucking dryness where nothing creative grows. I lost my words. I lost my purpose. In many ways I lost myself.

This period lasted a long time, until I decided to make a change. I invested in myself and began to slowly find my path back. This has not been an easy or straightforward path, and it is one that I am still walking. Some days, especially now when new hurdles have risen because of global pandemic, I am unsure if I will ever fully pull myself into the light again. My friend Lisa Lienemann, an amazing woman who became part of my support system as I ventured into this world of discovery and change, writes it best in a post that I encourage you to read called "Coming Unglued." She says:
 I’ve been in my own personal transformation I’ll call the Great Ungluing. And just like when you pry apart something that’s been previously glued fast, there’s all that residual sticky stuff that resists the pulling apart and hangs on for dear life through elastic strands that lengthen and become gossamer threads but try to their last molecule to keep from getting unstuck.
So here I am, coming unglued. Chipping away at stuck layers of myself. Seeking ways to reconnect with my creative source, my creative soul, and a community that recognizes the power of what connects us.

I know I use the word creativity a lot--but that's because I truly believe that we are all connected with creative energy. Unfortunately, we've lost touch with that connection, focusing instead on the concept of I, me, mine. That's where I think I went wrong, because when I focus only on myself I blame everyone else for my struggles. When I focus, instead, on being part of an energized whole, the quantum field if you wish, I begin to see that we are all simultaneously the creators and the receivers of our dreams.

If that is true, then the power of collective imagination is enough to change the world. It's for that reason that I am picking up blogging again on a more regular basis. I may not get the same following. I can't afford to lose myself into the daily intensity of the blogging community. But I hope, that one or two posts at a time, I will find ways to unstick and unbecome, while healing through the power of creativity and imagination.

I hope you'll join me and help build a new and better normal through creative and inspired acts. One song, one word, one moment of beauty, and one outside of the thought box can heal both individual hearts and community souls.