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Waitin' (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

It's been a while since I wrote one of these, but it's time to dip my foot into these challenges once again. Be sure to visit the challenge to read other entries or join in the fun.


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This week's 100 Word Challenge is a picture prompt:

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I remember standin’ with Jenna, waitin’ for somethin’ to happen across the river. We knew that if we waited long enough we would see somethin’—maybe a herd of unicorns galloping by, or the spirits of the water singing on the bank. We stood there, never crossin’ past the fence, cuz if we did we’d get in big trouble from our Mammys. We didn’t have to talk or nothing, we just waited, believin’ that the magic of our friendship would help us see into that other magical world.

But Jenna’s gone now, and I’m still waitin’ . . .