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Being Gateless in an Angry World

Being Gateless in an Angry World
by Lisa A Kramer
In a recent interview for a possible contract job helping thought leaders in planning and facilitating their online workshops and programs, I was asked: "How do you deal with difficult personalities?"

In some ways, it feels like all we ever do lately is deal with difficult personalities.We live in an angry world. We've lost the ability to communicate across differences and disagreements because of entrenched beliefs that allow no room for discovering new ways of being an doing.

However, I don't subscribe to that. I am actively seeking ways to communicate better, to listen better, and to encourage some kind of neutral ground where we connect in a place of collaboration even if we don't fully understand one another.

For me, that space lies in creativity and collaboration. It lies in a willingness to search for the good, the beauty, the things that work, rather than everything that is broken and ugly. It's a difficult thing to do at times, especially when your are dealing with difficult personalities including your own doubts and fears.

Sometimes the most difficult personality we have to deal with is our own.

Today, I want to share the foundations of my approaches to building creatively with anyone, so that we all might begin to understand why I believe Creative Power is so important. 

In Search of Community

by Lisa A Kramer
Lately I have been hiding in the world of books.

Not just any books. I seek escape in the world of paranormal women's midlife fiction. Books where women my age often stumble into as yet unknown powers as they build new lives in magical towns where they are welcomed by an eclectic mix of diverse and quirky characters.

The woman always faces some challenge or danger, which allows her to discover her own inner strength.

Sometimes she falls in love (often with a shifter) but that's not the aspect that draws me to these books.

No, what draws me is the idea of this person discovering and building a family--a chosen family--made up of people who accept her for who she is. The...

Gateless: The Power of Positive Feedback

by Lisa A Kramer
We have been raised to believe that criticism is the only way to learn and grow.

It occurs everywhere. Red marks on school papers. Annual reviews. Critical analysis of books, plays, artwork--anything we produce that can be judged by others. Criticism comes from outside sources, but also from that voice in your own head telling you that your work will never live up to some supreme ideal.

Some people thrive on criticism, becoming more and more determined to prove everyone wrong. Many shrivel up and freeze--thinking "if I can't do it right, if I can't be perfect, than I'm not good enough. I should just stop."

What would happen if we approached feedback with a different mentality? What would happen...