Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Going for the Goals

In an attempt to stick to my promises to myself, today I started working on a submission for a children's poetry contest. (If you haven't figured it out yet, I am an eclectic writer who just loves words and writes anything that I feel like writing.)  As I was working on it, however, I remembered that I had submitted to a similar contest by the same people in the past, and obviously didn't win. So, I thought I'd share that little collection of poems here for all my "adoring" fans.  I think the theme of that contest was "night poems" or something like that. Monster under the bed


Please, Monster hiding there under my bed, do not growl, snort or “Screech!” Do not try to eat me as I fall asleep . . . or even think about sneaking out to slobber, smell, nibble, lick or bite! If you do, I think you will regret it. My brother Tom always says my breath stinks and my shampoo makes my hair smell too. “Wash your feet!” he says, “They are black. and your stink-cream does nothing to help your flaky back.” So please don’t eat me Monster, but may I suggest eating Tom?




DSCN2019Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep I listen to the whisper of the whistling wind and wish that I could be a bird rocking in the limbs of my favorite tree. If the window stays open I smell the sweet smells of summer’s end and hum with the slow babble of the bubbling brook. I imagine I am a fish floating freely in the gentle current.

Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep I think of these things until . . . The sun smiles and sings her morning song, and I discover that I have dreamed.


Star Friends

Somewhere high up in the sky a friend looks down on me. She lives so far on another star but she is just like me. Someday I pray to find a way that we can finally meet. On that great day my friend will say “Our lives are now complete”.