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The Puzzle of MeI have another confession to make . . .

I often envy the people like artists and musicians who go out and make their art without letting life get in their way. I'm not talking about the big names or the movies stars, but the people who create their work and sell it at crafts fairs, or the musicians who do mall gigs in local pubs or busk in the streets--the joy of making music pouring out of them. I mean the brave souls who may never make millions of dollars or big names, but have chosen to live life following their bliss and living their dreams.

Of course, I am sure they too struggle with everyday concerns, but I love watching someone who is completely content in the choices he or she has made. Or sometimes its a choice made by a couple, who work together creating their dreams and sharing their art with the world.

That is the life I truly want to live.

Nathan and I have talked for years about creating a puppet show together. We both love puppets, and at one point Nathan even thought about getting a second MFA in puppetry. However, the practicalities of life have often interfered, along with that crazy thing called FEAR which I've written so much about. But, while we were in Disney World, Nathan had me film a couple of short clips, and suddenly I'm thinking maybe the time is now--but not just for puppets, for me to stop envying and start living. Inspiration surrounds me if I just allow myself to soar.

If I never allow myself to soar, then I will always live in the land of "what if."

That's not the land of my dreams.

It's time to create the door into that land, for myself.

Moon Goddess

What are your hidden dreams? What goals do you have that are about following your bliss?