Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

"A Dog's Purpose" Meets the Journey


"Can you give away your dogs?"

That question, from a rental agent, hit me in the gut as I began searching for a place to live as we make this next move. We still do not know for sure where we will live, because the simple answer to that question was "No."

Can we give away our dogs? Why should we have to?

This morning, as I avoided packing some more, I finished reading A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron. The book tells the story of a dog's many lives, a warm and wonderful creature who yearns to find the purpose in his existence--a purpose that ultimately relates to loving and being loved in return. Shouldn't that be the purpose for us all? Cameron writes from the dog's perspective through multiple lives, incarnations, and experiences. Sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, sometimes terrifying--this dog has lessons to learn and share, and, as is written on the cover material shares
". . .  a dog's-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man's best friend."
Perhaps this book speaks to me more because of my own journey and search for purpose. As moving day looms closer, I can't help but think about the friendships I've made in my short time here as well as the things I have done. Have I left my mark? Will I be remembered and missed? Will my scent (figuratively not literally) remain behind reminding people of good times and jobs well done? Was I a "good dog"?

We all want to feel that we have a purpose on this earth. Maybe we will never fully understand what that purpose is, but I am beginning to think that purpose (for me at least) has to do with relationships and love. Perhaps my purpose is as simple as that of a dog, to be a "good dog" and to love with pure and simple affection all who are deserving of that love.

So, can I give up my dogs to find a place to live? No. Could you?


Update on August 21: We have found a house and convinced them to accept the dogs!!! The family remains together!