Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

The Journey as Sestina

 I felt like writing poetry today, and decided to challenge myself by writing in a form called Sestina. I've only used this form once before, in a poem I wrote years ago for my sister called "A Sestina from the Heart"


Box by box, item by item, I pack for our move to a place both familiar and yet unknown pursuing a life or perhaps a dream of days filled with fulfilling work and challenges met with a smile, a laugh, and joy and evenings filled with stars, friends, and peace.

What will it take to find that peace? Does the solution lie with this next move? Or does the truth lie with inner joy and acceptance that life is a journey into the unknown with every day bringing new challenges as we pursue our ever-changing dream?

What happens when we become unsure and dream- less, tossing and turning at night in search of elusive peace? Perhaps the search for a new dream becomes one of the challenges which keeps a soul vibrant and constantly on the move always  embracing the unexpected and the unknown which will sometimes bring sadness but more often joy.

What if you find life is not filled with joy? Or that everything you hope for is only a dream? Then the next step becomes another unknown followed by another, and another, and another until you find the peace- ful place inside your heart which encourages a move toward other dreams, other stories, other challenges.

Unless, of course, you wish for a life without challenges, but for me that seems like a life without joy. For me a successful challenge is a move toward the next step of the journey and piece of the dream. Knowing I can handle what comes gives me a sense of peace even as I journey into the unknown.

I knowingly take steps toward the unknown trusting that life will not give me any challenges I cannot face. Knowing that even days not filled with peace, can still be filled with joy. As long as I keep working toward a dream then nothing bad will happen on this, or any,  move.

While I don't know what challenges this move will bring, I believe that the unknown dream is the one that will bring me peace and joy.