Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

A Journey Into Memory and Story through Hadestown.

Yesterday I went on an amazing journey. I travelled on waves of music into a land of myth and legend, through landscapes made of fire, mist, light, and song.
HADESTOWN at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA

Tears welled in my eyes. My breath caught in my throat at the perfection of every moment.  I was enraptured by the story unrolling in front of me, and the music that filled the theatre. I journeyed with Eurydice and Orpheus into a land where memories can be destroyed, love does not always win, and power can destroy even our climate . . . but still there is hope.

As I lived this journey, I also went into one of my own. The sights, smells, sounds, and silences of the theatre (especially when the show is amazing like this one) always brings me back to a place of comfort and collaboration. The theatre has always been my home. 

I miss it. It's been a while since I directed a show. It's been even longer since I played with light, which I always see as an important character on the stage. Light and story intertwine to guide the audience into seeing beyond the actors on the stage. I love that. 
The first moment of a production of CLOUD 9 I directed. What does the light reveal to you?
I know that theatre will always be a part of me. I plan on turning some of my writing and research into staged shows at some point (particularly, I hope, something from my project Re-Claiming Goddesses (learn more here).

Sometimes, I wonder if my creative journey through theatre, writing, teaching, and everything else is worthy. But then, I see work like this, and I am reminded that all collaborative works--all techniques that start conversations and challenge us to journey together  in new ways--are worthy of exploring.

The hardest part is bringing them to life. This show reminded me that sometimes you have to journey through the darkness, through mazes, and into your soul to find the light again. That journey is sometimes part of the creative process, and it's worth every moment. 

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