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Celebrating Our Unique Powers: Stop Soul Stealers by Beth Teliho

I only really got to know Beth Teliho recently, through a Facebook group, but I have been following her blog for a while now. I have discovered in her another "kindred spirit"--a woman who loves words, writes beautifully, and yet has many of the same doubts and fears that I face on a daily basis. I look forward to reading her upcoming book, but also getting to know her more as our friendship grows. I can't tell you how much this post made me smile, because she "kicks ass" in more ways than one. (Please not that this post has a little language).
"Beth is a day-dreaming introvert, writer, artist and recovering crazy cat lady who probably doesn’t day drink at all. Her Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, ORDER OF SEVEN, releases April, 2015. All the other random shiz in her brain gets unleashed on her blog, Writer B is Me, where you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile. She also proudly writes for Sisterwives Speak, where she’s a founding member and co-creator.

You can connect with Beth here:

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Twitter: @beth_teliho"


Beth Teliho


I was running a few weeks ago when I heard a female say, "What happened to you? You used to run six miles without even blinking. Why don’t you just stop this? You’re making a fool of yourself."

My shoes screeched to a halt against the pavement. "Hey,” I said, defensive and furious. “That was nearly fifteen years, two kids, and thirty pounds ago. At least I'm out here exercising and not making excuses." I turned to continue my run and hide the fact I was about to rage-cry. Humiliation was so entangled with hurt and anger, it took a minute to realize I was talking to no one. The voice was coming from inside my head.

She is me.

They're all me. I call these negative voices my Soul Stealers, and their goal is to take me down - HARD. They tell me I'm a bad mother. They call me stupid. Fat. Ugly. A loser. A fraud. They tell me I'm inferior. They advise I stay clear of other people because I will undoubtedly embarrass myself. They scold me for not being cool/nice/smart/fit/funny/giving/talented enough. They tell me I’m undeserving.

They set unrealistic expectations, and then rip me to shreds when I don’t meet them.

The worst thing? They insist I will fail at anything I attempt.

I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm so done.

Would I talk to my friends and family the way I let the Soul Stealers talk to me? Hell no. Do I hold others to impossible standards and judge them accordingly? Absolutely not. Never.

Then why let it happen to me? The reign of Soul Stealers ends TODAY. I’m going to treat myself like I would treat anyone else. With compassion, understanding, patience and love.

They may have won in the past, but I'm stronger now. Others have written about similar struggles with insecurities, and their stories taught me that I'm not alone. If people I admire have these same struggles, maybe I don't suck so hard after all. Maybe I am enough.

Maybe I'm fucking awesome.

And guess what, Soul Stealers: it doesn't matter if I fail because failing is part of learning and growth. If I’m not experiencing some fails, then I’m not trying enough.

I’ve beat so many other things in my life because I’ve got GRIT and FIGHT. I won’t let negativity dilute my worth and validity anymore.

The more they try to tear me down, the more determined I become, and the more I realize something wonderful is happening: The negativity is losing its power.

It’s transforming from the toxicity that freezes me to the fuel that drives me.

Line up, Soul Stealers. I will pummel you and not even mess-up my hair in the process because I'm that good. You can knock me down a hundred times. I’ll lick my wounds and get right back up. I’ll keep going, because if I’m fighting against you, I’m fighting for me.

Bring It.


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