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Following Intuition and Learning from Oprah

I have Nathan well-trained. When we go through the check-out at grocery stores he goes ahead to take care of paying while I get my fix of the headlines on all the magazines lining the aisles. I particularly love to read the trashier headlines because they either make me giggle or cringe out of share absurdity. I rarely, if ever, purchase an actual magazine (except for the inevitable holiday cookie one that always entices me with alluring new cookie possibilities).

Yesterday, however, O: The Oprah Magazine caught my eye as it often does, because the covers are always gorgeous. I admit to the occasional purchase because O always includes articles that speak to things I might be going through.

"Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide: Uncovering Answers to Your Deepest Questions"

The cover story called to me, and my little friend intuition nudged me to pick up the magazine and place it into the pile of purchase items. Either that was clever marketing or an intuitive call, but I'm glad I made the purchase anyway as it is a step toward trusting myself that I need to make.

Here's a link to the article by Martha Beck that has lead me to write this post today.

The reasons this struck a chord with me involves a series of recent signs and messages that seem to be occurring in my life, including:
  • Vicky's post called "Crossroads" which made me think  about how and when we should make the choice to take the riskier option and follow our bliss.
  • The unexpected fire in the home we had planned on renting, that put some kinks in our plans and also pointed out some severe flaws in our current situation.
  • The surprising possibility that has opened up which I will elaborate on sometime next week as I don't want to jinx it.
  • My growing realization that following the path that others expect of me has never really made me happy.
The challenge, of course, is learning to understand the signs along the way, and listen to the quiet nudges of my inner bliss rather than the horrible screech of my inner critic and conformist.

But, thanks to my guilty pleasure of reading headlines in the supermarket, I am now taking a few more steps toward becoming the person I truly want to be.

Instinct tells me I'm on the right path.