Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

I'm Not Old Enough

This is my response to the fabulous Tori Nelson's post called "old enough."

I'm Not Old Enough . . .

. . . to give up my dreams in the face of other people's sense of what is appropriate;

. . . to sit in a corner gathering dust while younger generations act like my time has passed;

 . . . to fade quietly into an existence defined by other's

and yet society wants to make that so.

I'm not old enough . . . 

. . . to live without the joys of childhood like ice cream on a sunny day or conversations with stuffed animals.

. . . to live without singing and dancing for the pure joy of song and movement

. . . to be afraid of getting dirty with paint stains or clay pieces as I create an imperfect piece of art

and yet the world resists the joy, insisting that money and success are all that matter.

I'm not old enough . . . 

. . . to stop fighting for what I believe in or hoping for the world to change

. . . to stop learning from others and helping others along the way.

I'm not old enough  . . . 

And I NEVER will be!!!

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