Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Bizarre Twists of Fate

"Fate, or some mysterious force, can put the finger on you or me, for no good reason at all." (Martin Goldsmith)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="The Tree Fates by Steve Hook"][/caption]
Fate twists  a strand of curly blond hair around her finger and laughs a wicked little giggle.

"Sisters," she says. "It is time to push buttons for our favorite playthings. They have become a little complacent, and need to be nudged. "

"But not delicately," the red-headed sister adds.  "Let us shove rather than nudge. It is so much fun to watch them squirm as we throw the unexpected in their way."

"Let's do it!" The raven-haired sister calls out and begins to dance.

All three sisters spin and twirl, moving slowly at first. Then the dance gains speed and power, sending electrical sparks into the air, scattering like fireflies in a passionate ballet.

One spark flies all the way to a shabby little home filled with the memories of an old woman who no longer has control of her thoughts. Her granddaughter sorts through the detritus of years; collectibles and letters, pictures and albums, wishes and dreams. She plans to store some, give some to other family members, donate some, and sell what she can to help defray the costs of her grandmother's care. Once the house is cleared out, she plans to rent it to some new friends to help them achieve some goals and make their life a little less stressful.

But the eyes of fate are on these friends, and the dance has begun.

The mysterious spark flies faster and sneaks into the electrical outlets biding its time until nobody is in the house. This game is not intended to hurt physically, only challenge mentally.

The house goes up in flames, taking with it the memories, the love, and the future home.

Meanwhile one of the sister's sends a thought into another woman's mind. "It is time to welcome a new renter so give him a call," she whispers silently. The phone call is made. A verbal agreement set.

And the two stories collide.

"The house we planned to move into burnt down this morning. Can we stay?"

"Oh, wow! I just sort of promised your house to someone else. I guess I can still call him and back out."

A day passes and the couple thinks things are safe. But they aren't.

"I don't feel comfortable backing out on him unless you commit to at least 9 months in the house. Can you do that? Oh, and the powers that be have decided to keep the status quo with the job--there will be no additional money or help."

Commit to another 9 months with a job that is basically destroying the marriage of our fated couple?  What kind of game is this?

The fates simply laugh and wait to see the choices our couple will now make. How will this path unfold?

Only time will tell.