Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

How to Start a Creative Rebellion

I hear it daily from friends, loved ones, connections on social media--people struggling as they are being pushed back into a "norm" that is far from normal. After over a year of self-reflection, people are leaving their work in droves, partially because of natural trends, but I believe its also because people are starting to realize that there is a brokenness to the society we have built.

It's time for a big change, and it will take a creative rebellion to make that happen.

Defining Creative Rebellion

What do I mean by creative rebellion? It's simple really. Throughout history creative people of all types have played roles in social movements. From painting Black Lives Matter large enough to be seen from space, to political theatre, to music based protests--creative people have always been at the forefront of social change.

Unfortunately, many people have lost access to their own creativity because society has been geared to stifle it. Creative thought, questioning, challenging are not welcome in a world ruled by an elite class who want to control how anyone beneath them lives. Unless people can regain their creative spark, and learn to break free from the restrictions and expectations of a society that prioritizes wealth and the power elite, I believe we are doomed for destruction.

Face it, the power elite have little interest in society as a whole. Their goal is to extract as much as they can, while destroying everything in their wake.

However, there is a solution--one that we all have access to if we are willing to let go of what we are "supposed to do" and embrace what already lies within us. That, my friends, is the power of creativity.

Where to Begin

Don't worry, the type of rebellion I am talking about is not one filled with violence and weapons. Frankly, those are not very creative tools--they require little thought and a willingness to let go of seeing other people as equals. No, the type of rebellion I suggest is one that requires other tools:

  • A desire to see money as a tool to do good, rather than something to hoard or worship as a god.
  • A willingness to value so-called "soft skills" like leadership, communication, collaboration, empathy, flexibility, adaptability, and creativity as important tools for success.
  • A desire to reconnect with our inner child, and with the idea that playfulness and exploration are tools for discovery and change.
  • The courage to say that there is a better way to live than the so-called "norm"
  • A desire to learn, grow, and be open to new possibilities.
  • The ability to work both independently and in collaboration with other people who may think differently but still want change.
  • The ability to disagree without judgment, and find ways to make all ideas work together
  • The willingness to accept that you cannot force others to follow your moral code or belief system; everyone has the right to their own.

That's not asking too much, is it? Maybe it is, given the deep divide in the world between right wing and left wing extremists, and everything in between. But, I believe that there is a middle ground that can be populated by creative rebels.

Building a Community and Letting Go

It starts with you. It starts with making connections with other people who think in creative ways. It starts with letting go of the idea that your creativity is "just a hobby" or a waste of time.

It starts with saying to yourself: "I want something else."

It starts with reconnecting with your own creative spark.

And you don't have to do it alone. There are many groups of arts activists and programs that you can join to dip your toes in. You can take workshops and join online communities like Spark Collaborative.

It starts with you choosing a new path, or paths in life

Are you ready? I'm here to help