Lisa A. Kramer

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In Search of Blessings

A few weeks ago I promised myself to focus at least once a week on the things I am blessed by, the moments I am grateful for.

Florida sunrise

Today I really need to do that. Despite being at the "happiest place on earth" I am dealing with an emotional roller coaster and several challenges that lead to sleepless nights and lots of tapped down emotions (although my personal volcano has erupted several times). It's a journey into things I'm supposed to ignore, keep hidden, never discuss--for if I do, I am just "being dramatic" or "oversensitive" never just feeling the things I feel.

So I must focus on being grateful and thankful.  I must focus on the moments that make life worth living.

Morning sweetness.But again I have to fight the urge to qualify, to say "I'm thankful for . . . but . . . "

So  . . .

I'm thankful that I have in-laws who are willing to take us on a family adventure, and that my mother was able to come.

Tram Ride with DorisI am truly blessed to have a partner in life who understands, and recognizes the value of waiting for the sunrise.

Waiting for the sunrise.


I realize how lucky I am to be able to spend a few days in a magical place, away from the normal stresses of life.

DSCN3075I am grateful to have blessings to count, and sunsets to witness, and beauty to experience such as the wonders of nature. I'm fascinated by the birds here.[gallery type="rectangular" ids="7342,7343,7344,7345,7332"]