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It's a Musical Life

In my next life, I want to come back as a musician. Or, I want to live in an alternative world where everything is expressed in song.

This summer has been full of song, and each musical moment only serves to spark something within me. Call it the desire to live as passionately as the music that pours out of people's fingers, mouths, hearts and souls. I can't watch or listen to a musician without thinking that's how I want to live my life!

Last night I got a spontaneous opportunity to see Marilyn Maye perform. (A friend of a friend had tickets but then came down with bronchitis and possibly pneumonia--grateful that she gave us the tickets, but sad that she is sick. Send healing thoughts.)

This incredible performer is 85 years old. The show was fun, fabulous and wonderful. I laughed, I teared up, I got lost in the powerful performances of musicians who have mastered their craft, and a singer who exudes love and joy with every note.

I want to be like that in 40 years.

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Music speaks beyond words. Song carries us into a world of emotion and meaning that joins us with the energy that connects us all.

Music holds the power and secret of living each moment to the fullest.

Towards the end of the evening, Ms. Maye sang a medley of rainbow songs , starting with the song "Look to the Rainbow" from Finnian's Rainbow, a song (and musical) that I've always loved.
On the day I was born, Said my father, said he. I've an elegant legacy Waitin' for ye, 'Tis a rhyme for your lips And a song for your heart, To sing it whenever The world falls apart.

Look, look Look to the rainbow. Follow it over the hill And the stream. Look, look Look to the rainbow. Follow the fellow Who follows a dream.

While I may not believe that everyone needs to "follow the fellow" I do believe that we can learn so much from following the people who follow their dreams. These are the people who have learned that life is too short not to do things you love. I know they too have ups and downs in life. They love, struggle, fail, cry, hurt, laugh, and make mistakes just like everyone else. But, I admire the people who can wake each day with a song in their heart or words on their fingertips and share their passion with the world simply out of joy.

Maybe I shouldn't wait for my next life, maybe it's time so look to my own rainbow and sing.

Or maybe my song is in my words.

If you look to the rainbow, what do you see?

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