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A Little Osprey Tale

Picture a giant bird flying a defensive maneuver with a large, bright orange koi dangling in its talons like a flag. The koi (stolen, I presume, from one of the expensively maintained koi ponds in the area) seemed poised to smack me in the face leaving me sprawling on the trail covered in scales and, if I had n't stopped, perhaps the angry marks of an osprey in defense of its young/

You'll just have to imagine it because, in typical fashion, whenever exciting moments of nature I occur I have managed to forget my camera.

A few posts ago I mentioned the osprey family living down the trail from me. Well, the . chicks have grown and seem almost big enough for flight, but that doesn't mean Mom and Dad have stopped their jobs. On the contrary, Nathan and I learned early this morning that feeding time is perhaps not the best moment to walk two big dogs past a nest of giant birds.

[caption id="attachment_6937" align="aligncenter" width="584"]In this image you can see the babies (toddlers) peering out of the nest. In this image you can see the babies (toddlers) peering out of the nest.[/caption]

Ah, the lessons of nature. ;)

Check out the family on the Osprey Cam