Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

P.O.W.ERful Surprises: Books Don't Disappear

Once upon a time I wrote a novel. It was published, people read it, and it received good reviews and was shortlisted for a couple of awards. I was (and still am) very proud of the book.

But that isn't enough to keep a book in the eyes of readers. Not if you don't have a huge budget, a publicity team, and a recognizable name.

For a while, as authors should do, I spent all my time promoting that book. I announced when it was nominated for awards. I attended book events and signings. I did workshops based off of the themes of the book . I took pictures of it sitting on bookstore shelves. I autographed copies and sent personal messages to readers.

But, as I didn't write it with a plan for a sequel. And, although a possible sequel popped into my head, I had no real desire to write one, it was difficult to keep up the momentum. I wanted to move on to other projects, other creative possibilities. I wrote an award-winning non-fiction book and started work on many other novels. I also pursued the other part of my work life: started a theatre company, directed shows, developed new courses, and made presentations at various conferences about the power of the arts to change the world.

All of these things require creativity, time, energy, publicity, and promotion. So, while I still continue to do the occasional book signing or promotion event, I couldn't focus only on one book.

My little book, the one that I am so proud of--the one that, to me, seemed a little bit of foreshadowing of the current times we live in--started to disappear in the crowds of books that exist. I didn't have the energy to keep pushing and promoting. I am still working towards the next story that I want to see out in the world. While I  know the secret to writing success is to publish more, write more, I am hard on myself and don't want to simply put something out there. I want it to be good. I want it to be worthy.

But that meant that P.O.W.ER was left adrift, occasionally finding readers, but basically disappearing into the oblivion of books that you hope someone will stumble upon someday.

Well, today was that day. I got an email this morning telling me that P.O.W.ER was selected to be included in a wiki about "Imaginative YA Novels Featuring Heroines With Magical Gifts" put out by EZVid Wiki. Click on the link to see the entire list.

I'm beyond thrilled!

This means that my first book still has readers. It means that it has traveled beyond my circle of connections, and into the greater world of readers. I may never be famous for it. I may never get rich. But there are people out there reading and enjoying my book.

That makes me truly proud. And, it makes me want to keep writing.

So thank you, EZVid for giving me a little kick in the butt just when I needed it most.