Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Bringing Stories to Life

My subtitle for this website says it all "Writer, theatre artist, educator, and woman who wields words."

What does it mean to wield words?

I have always loved words and languages. An avid reader since I could first put those mysterious symbols together to form word (at a very young age) I easily lost myself in stories. I found comfort in the worlds built inside my by words meticulously placed on the page by mysterious magicians (yes I thought of them as magical people) called authors.

Then I realized that words can also be brought to life in other ways, taken from the page and breathed into reality on the stage or the screen.  Or sometimes combined with images to create pictures in image poetry. Or sometimes joined with music to become song.

For me writing has never just been about placing words on a page. It has been about learning, discovering, and sharing stories in any number of ways and languages. It is world creation, but also rich description. Writing is memory coming to life. Language (whether written, spoken, or signed) is about communication.

So when I wield words, I wield the power of sharing stories.

Recently, my focus has been on bringing a very specific story to life on stage.

Walking Toward America, the premiere production of the newly formed professional company in Worcester, Heart Forward is based on a memoir by Ilga Katais-Paeglis Vise, and beautifully revised into a one woman show by playwright/author Sandra Fenichel Asher. It is the epitome of how powerful writing enables us to share stories in different formats, from page to stage.

The show is really special. From my Director's Note: "Ilga’s story of her family’s journey from Latvia, walking across frozen, war-torn Germany, and sailing through a stormy Atlantic to find a new home in the United States is both touching and timely. While these events occurred more than 70 years ago, Ilga’s journey reminds us that people seeking homes in new lands come with stories, and lives, that are worth knowing"

The most powerful thing though, is that we have already heard from some of Ilga's friends, and other people who have similar stories and memories to Ilga, and they are coming to share this show with their children and grandchildren. It gives me chills to think about the important, multi-generational conversations that are being started. I hope that the production helps spark a new understanding of immigration and what it means to be human.

I share this here, with the followers of my writing, because I am proud of this production. Storytelling comes in many forms. This time, I wield my powers of imagination, blocking, thinking as with light, creating stage pictures, with the words and talents of other people.

I hope that anyone who is near Central MA will consider attending one of the three upcoming performances. If you do, be sure to stop and say hello, and perhaps share a little bit of your own story.

You can purchase tickets in advance through brown paper tickets. The links to all three events can be found here. Or buy tickets at the door. (If you want to hold seats just let us know at

See you at the theater!