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Sometimes Dreams Require a Helping Hand


[caption id="attachment_6631" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Walking toward a dream. Photo by Steve Kramer Walking toward a dream. Photo by Steve Kramer[/caption]

We all have dreams. We all have goals in life that keep us moving in some kind of direction, even if the destination lies in the mist ahead.

So many of us who write blogs dream of becoming published authors, but that's not the only dream that exists in this blogging world. Some dream of making a difference in the world; some dream of making connections. Some dream of finding a way to travel and share experiences. Some dream of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail to prove to themselves and the world that they are not limited by disabilities or anything else. Some dream of becoming journalists or public speakers. Some dream of creating a lovely, garden and living in a world which cares about the earth.

The list of dreams goes on an on. I could link to at least one person who represents each one of these dreams.

One thing that all dreams and dreamers have in common is that most dreams cannot be achieved without a little help. It's the rare soul who can reach the peaks of his or her dream without someone guiding, helping, supporting. Anyone who claims they've done it only on their own, through hard work and a little, is lying. Help comes in small ways. It may be as simple as someone believing in you when you are in your darkest moments, ready to give up on the. Or sometimes it comes in grandiose ways, by opportunities granted or money provided.

The point is that we all have dreams and once in a while it's good to help each other achieve those dream. I was reminded of this today by the fabulous Andra, whose own dream of publishing a novel will happen someday if anyone has any sense in this world. She's an incredible wordsmith. But this isn't about Andra's dream. Andra put her social networking clout out in the universe to help another blogging friend of ours, Kate Shrewsday to achieve her own dream. (I'm ashamed to admit that I missed Kate's post myself . . . too many things going on).  You see Kate has "a golden ticket" an opportunity to become
. . . a Penguin Wayfarer: someone to walk Britain during the Summer, chronicling the journey, talking about paths old and new, exploring the stories and myths that surround them. The Wayfarer will share in writing, in film, and in tweets. (Kate Shrewsday, "I've Got A Golden Ticket")
Here's the thing, my friends, it will only take a few seconds to help Kate achieve her dream. If you visit The Penguin Wayfarer Page and vote for Kate Pitt (the only Kate on the page) you can help her achieve her dream with just a click.

While you're at it, visit A Tale of a Trail (the page about two hiking idiots and the Appalachian Trail) and give them the boost they need to achieve that dream. Or visit another site and give that dreamer a word of encouragement.

Let's start a dream chain; a support chain where we help each other achieve these incredible dreams. Let's put a little light in the world. You can start with voting for Kate. 

What dreams do you have that might need a little help? What dreamers do you know that could use some kind words, a vote, or a little support?