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Sublime Synchronicity and My Funny Bone

I was all prepared to write a serious post today based off of the following passage from Crossing to Avalon by Jean Shinoda Bolen:
"During liminal times, we often become aware of synchronicity, a word coined by C.G. Jung to describe coincidences between our inner subjective world and outer events. Synchronicities such as the uncanny and timely appearance of a significant person or opportunity are often choice bringers. Will we respond? And if we do, will it usher in a new phase of our lives?" (8-9)
I was prepared to write a reflection on the changes happening in my life, whether or not I am at a place where I can pursue choice, and wondering what synchronicities and messages from the universe I have been receiving but not understanding. (I have written about that before in Meaningful Messages)

I was prepared to write another post that a few people would read, would touch and be meaningful to a few, and would be responded to by close friends. I know that many of posts go that way, and I am okay with it.

But then, I read this post by Tori Nelson Zen Doggy: The Half-Baked Life Of A Medicated Canine and I had a complete Aha! Moment. Tori has become one of my favorite subscriptions and I try to read everything she posts.  She writes with humor, honesty, and joy and never fails to amuse with interesting anecdotes and perceptions of the world around her. After I read her post, my inner dialog, held between the legions that live inside me, went something like this:

Supportive fan: "She is such a good writer. She's so funny. I think she needs to write a book or columns."

Inner critic and jealous demon who cannot remains silent: "Why can't I get as many hits as she does? I write well too. Why can't I get Freshly Pressed. Waaah!" (I think the inner critic, demon is about 5 years old).

The Peacemaker: "Don't be jealous. She is a fabulous writer who deserves any accolades she gets. Be happy for her success.  Besides, just yesterday you wrote that you need to 'find your niche'" (Life of a Busy Woman)

Supportive Fan: "Yeah!"

Soul Searching Synchronicity Seeker: " Hey, wait a minute. You know how you are looking for synchronicity? You know how you are looking for signs in the universe to help you find contentment and fulfillment in life. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS!"

All the voices in my head, stunned silence, followed by a ROUSING CHEER!

AHA! The Soul Searching Synchronicity Seeker is right. My introduction to Tori's Blog The Ramblings came at a time when I was starting to think "Why am I doing this? Why am I writing every day when it feels like it goes nowhere? I send my words out into a technological universe to disappear into oblivion, unread and unheard." Then I started reading The Ramblings and I discovered someone who writes for the pure joy of writing. She wasn't looking to become Freshly Pressed (but then got Pressed twice within a short time period). She writes because she has stories to tell, and wants to explore her life.

That is what I need to do. I don't want to imitate her; I need my own voice. But, I need to write purely and simply because I have something to say, even if nobody hears it.

So this post is a THANK YOU post.

Thank you Dr. Bolen for making me begin thinking about the Grail journey that I am on. I am looking forward to reading more of the book.

Thank you Tori for helping me recognize something important. Keep writing and I will keep reading. If this helps you get a few more readers, you deserve them!