Lisa A. Kramer

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The Moon Made Me Do It

I was browsing through some random writing from the past few months in search of inspiration and found this so I thought I'd share. Enjoy! ;)

I couldn't help myself. The moon shone silver and spectacular, opulent in its pregnant fullness. It called out my name in a voice I hear with my body, not my ears. It said, "come out and play."

So I did.

I walked out the door in my nightshirt and bare feet. I suppose it was chilly out, but I didn't feel it. I didn't think about checking on the kids or locking the door. They're old enough to be left alone for a while anyway. They are both teenagers and both drive. They don't need me anymore.

But the moon did.

I followed a path laid out for me by the glowing light. I began to feel a tingle in my feet as if I wasn't walking on dirt and rocks, but on the silver moon beam. It energized me.

I followed the path into a field. An empty lot filled with grass and wildflowers. Nobody ever spent time there, except for high school students who would sneak out for their parties and secret rendezvous, until they inevitably made too much noise and someone called the cops on them. I'm sure my own kids have been there as well, although they always leave before the trouble starts. They are good kids.

On this night the lot was empty except for the moon light that filled it with its light and its song.

"Dance with me!" it called in the voice that echoed in my bones.

So I danced.And So I Danced

But first I removed my night-shirt, because the moon told me to.


And I danced.


How was I to know that some of my children's friends were making their way to the lot at that moment for a late night party, carrying their camera phones with them, of course.