Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Life at One Inch

Hello! Hello down there. Can you see me?

Look up. Way up. I'm visiting with my friends the osprey family and I noticed you walking by.



You might think it's dangerous for a small person like myself to hang out with osprey, but that's just foolish big people thinking. Tiny people know how to get along with our friends in nature. Osprey love fish, and I have a deal with this family to help them find the juiciest locations for fishing, in exchange for occasional rides for business or pleasure. Today I helped Mr. Osprey find some fish to feed the little ones and then decided to come up and visit them in their nest. Some strange and fascinating big people have placed a device to watch these three birds grow. Mr. Osprey loves to perch on the camera, but that doesn't disturb the view. I asked my big person friend (I have a few) to help me give you the link so you can watch the little ones (although I'm not sure what exactly that means). It's pretty amazing to see the beauty of nature, that's why I love my life.

I thought I'd say hello today because I've noticed something interesting about you big people. You seem to have a fascination with everything tiny. I mean, you collect our furniture and put it in fake houses just for the joy of seeing things in miniature. You write stories about fairies and other tiny creatures, without any real idea of who we are what we do. At the same time, you clod along on your big feet, with things stuck in your ears, listening to music or whatnot, and don't even see the mini world that exists around you.

The mini world where I live . . . 1 inch tall and loving life.

Where do I live? Well, I have many homes, especially during the summer. We like to share our homes and habitats, and love to have visitors. One night I might sleep in the magical beauty of a flower.


On a chilly night I might join a group sheltering in the crevices of a stone wall.



Sometimes my friends and I gather under the trees, for a joyous celebration of friendship and nature, after a long day of work.

DSCN0049What kind of work? Well, one of my favorite jobs is observing the strange quirks of you big people. We'd love to understand you better. For example, what is your simultaneous fascination with all thing tiny as well as all things giant?

DSCN0051I have never found an answer to this giant red nose, but once in a while it does provide shelter.

I admit, I'm fascinated by you and by your solutions to challenges. But I will never understand how you do not see what exists around you. You miss so much. That's why I thought I would say hello today in the hopes you might take a moment to visit me in my world.

Yours isn't the only world that matters, you know.