Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

Words Should Be More Powerful Than Money

Soap Box Time!

I don't know about you, but I've been inundated today with e-mails requesting donations to support causes I believe in, and programs I admire. Many of them are, of course, political.

I don't have money to give--but there's more to my reluctance to donate than that simple fact.

I believe that money is the PROBLEM! If the challenges we face can only be solved by throwing more money at it, then our system is broken beyond repair. We shouldn't have to buy advertisements to put people in office who work for the people rather than for their own personal agendas. We shouldn't have to throw money into negative campaigns to fight for justice and equality and the other things that a majority say they want. We shouldn't be supporting negativity to combat negative attacks and lies, especially not with more money.

I write about and advocate for causes I believe in. I try my best to be the change that I'd like to see--to speak the truth as I see it and encourage others to open discussion and thought. I work hard to encourage others to think before they act, learn before they vote, and discuss before they dismiss.

My tools for supporting what I believe in are my words and actions, not my limited finances. It annoys me that I so often feel that, if I can't open my pocket book, I'm somehow failing the system. I don't like being told that disaster awaits if I don't give at least $3.00 by some random deadline.

Disaster only awaits if I silence my voice, deny my passion, and hide my words.

Sometimes these appeals for finances come with tempting invitation . . . meet the president, have lunch with so and so, attend the convention, etc. Would I like to do those things? Of course! But I would rather be invited to do things like that based on the work I've done then the fact that I donated money to a cause (unless, of course, somehow I manage to raise zillions of dollars to change the world--but that would still be about the work I've done, not the money out of my pocket.)

Does anyone else yearn for a world where words, actions, and passion have more power than money?

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