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The Power of Making Memories, Part II

Andra Watkins, Author. Bond . . . James Bond. They have a similar ring, don't they?

Seriously, you have heard me mention Andra before. She is the author of two wonderful books To Live Forever and Not Without My Father. (click here purchase). I borrowed her name for the character of Andra BetScrivener. My "Celebrating Our Unique Powers" series is inspired by her "Make a Memory" series--because I love how she celebrates and inspires other writers while she pursues her own dreams. She also inspired one of my funniest posts ever, co-written with the fabulous Tori Nelson: "An Open Letter to Andra's Feet".

When Andra asked if I would contribute to her "Make a Memory" series, of course I said yes. But, you will see after you pop over to the post featured today, that I struggled a little. I actually sent her two versions, because I wondered if I was truly participating, or perhaps avoiding the memory making.

[caption id="attachment_8772" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Making memories as new friends. Making memories as new friends.[/caption]

Now that I read my post on her site, and her kind words of introduction, I understand. Memories aren't always filled with only perfect moments of joy and glee. Memories come from the unexpected moments--when your feet ache and yet you create a silly picture on the Natchez trace. (You'll have to read the post over at Andra's for that). When you battle with your daughter who seems to think you are only there to serve, but then create something wonderful together.

[caption id="attachment_8771" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sarah's new, organized desk Sarah's new, organized desk. Built by Nathan, designed by all of us, organized in spite of ourselves.[/caption]

I have so many wonderful memories that come from moments I never planned for--memories that come from being open to whatever happens and accepting what you cannot control. I am so grateful to Andra for helping me understand that.

Join Andra in her "Make a Memory" movement, and then join me in "Celebrating Our Unique Powers" for after all, the power to make wonderful memories for yourself and your loved ones is a truly special power.

What memory will you make today?


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