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Call for Submissions!

Call for Submissions!
by Lisa A Kramer

Hello Creative Collaborators!

Spark Collaborative Media is pleased to invite you to submit your work for our first anthology!

Reclaiming Goddesses: Bringing the World into Balance

We are looking for short stories, poetry, artwork, personal essays, creative non-fiction that explore a world where the goddesses of the past (from all cultures) reclaim their voices and their purposes.

This anthology will be compiled and edited by me, with contributions from a diverse group of voices.
  • Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm.
  • Tentative Publication Date:  December 2024 
How to Submit
  • We are collecting submissions on Google Forms.
  • Prose pieces (including short stories, essays, reflections, etc.): 1000-5000 words

So You Created Something: Now What???

by Lisa A Kramer

I posted this article on Substack yesterday. Different people find me in different ways, but I wanted to share here. Feel free to follow Sparks of Creative Rebellion on substack for interesting articles on creative journeys. 

Creative Teachers can Change the World

Creative Teachers can Change the World
by Lisa A Kramer
In some ways, my life was changed by a living chess tournament.

Okay, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic. But one of my favorite high school teachers challenged my social studies class with a creative approach that influenced who I am 40 years later.

What is a living chess tournament? There are different examples of what it could be, like this example of a historical event used to decide who would win the hand of the fair maiden:

To avoid losing them in a duel, the father forbade the encounter. He declared that the two rivals would play a chess game, and human actors representing the pieces would show the moves as they were made. Lionora would take the winner as her husband. The loser would also join the family but marry instead the younger daughter, Oldrada. (Bringing Chess To Life With Human Players In Marostica)

They reenact this event every year. Time for a trip to Italy!

Anyway, the chess tournament I'm talking about is a little different. It involved the merging of historical research, collaboration, and creativity. Little did I know how much of an impact this one event would be on everything I did later in life. I always held this example up as one that shows what can be done when we combine theatre, creativity, collaboration together with a touch of courage. 

Asking for Help in a Selfish World: A Rant

Asking for Help in a Selfish World: A Rant
by Lisa A Kramer
It took 5 minutes.

5 minutes after I re-launched a campaign to help me publish Re-Creating the World I received the first of many messages to the campaign inbox that was basically--pay me and I will help this campaign succeed. Pay me and I will promote your campaign.

I realize this may sound hypocritical, because I am fundraisng for something. I'm basically saying, pay me so I can achieve my dream and get this book published.