Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

The Gift of Creativity and A Huge Thank You

Hello Friends!

It's been a long time hasn't it? I've been working on books, thinking about projects, and focusing a little on what I really want out of life. The truth is, that chosing a life that focuses on something so intangible as my belief in the power of creativity and how it can bring people together, is not an easy one. Making a living out of creative projects in the world of late-stage capitalism seems a ridiculous choice. And yet, it's who I am and who I want to be.  I am so grateful to the people who have helped me discover this path, and that includes so many different people, I want to celebrate you today!

But first, I am thrilled to announce that Re-Creating the World: The Power and Joy of Collaborative Creativity is now available. 

Yes, this book that I have been working on for years, is finally out in the universe. All of the links can be found on here. I hope that you will consider spreading the word, or giving yourself and people you love the gift of creativity!


Here are some things to know about this book launch:
  • If you donated to my second Kickstarter (the first one did not succeed, so your money should have been returned) and are expecting something from me, I will get everything to you as soon as possible. I am waiting on my author copies to come in the mail, and am unsure when I will receive them. 
  • On Tuesday, December 5th (yes, tomorrow) for one day only the Kindle version will be available for $1.99. I wanted to do .99, but here's something I learned--when you choose to include color to make this book beautiful to hold and to read, it makes the file larger. For larger files, the lowest sale price can only be $1.99. Good to know.
I was hoping to have a party earlier, but things snuck up on me. So, I will be holding a Launch Party on December 30th, 2023  from 5:00-7:00 at a fabulous independent bookstore near me. A Great Notion is slowly becoming my home away from home. I've already done some writing and editing there. I've joined their monthly book club. And, I hope to be able to hold Gateless Writing Salons and other book events in the future.  If you are anywhere near Auburn, MA, and want to start the New Year with prompts and ideas to enhance your creativity, I hope you will join me at this event.

Enough with Sales Talk, Get to the Thank You's Already . . . 

I honestly struggle with necessity of having to promote my work, especially when it is one so personal to me. For you see, this book, while not a memoir, reflects on everything I've done in my career. Through storytelling, some of my own creations, and research, I explore why I view creativity and collaboration as key to the ability of the world to fix it's problems. I try to offer activities, and challenges, that will inspire others to allow for more creative, playful approaches to difficult problems.

It's scary to put something like this out in the world, because so many people diminish the importance of the arts, and creative work in the world. And yet, whether I'm teaching or directing theatre, writing things that lie gathering dust, or collaborating with others to share their stories--that's where I thrive in this world. Those moments when we create and collaborate with each other fill me with energy and hope.

And this book, actually any book, is part of that collaboration. While writing is a solo act, it would never have existed without:
  • My amazing students and collaborators in past projects.
  • My peers in academic environments
  • My peers in the world of play and social, especially Cathy Salit from Global Play Brigade, who graced me with her time and early review of the manuscript.
  • The participants of my Gateless Writing Salons, who always astound me with their gorgeous writing, and insightful comments. 
  • My business partner at Spark Collaborative, Jessica Beckendorff, who agreed to take a crazy leap into becoming a Media company, sparked by an idea from my good friend Dr. Erika Briesacher who thinks I should be starting a media empire. (Maybe someday)
  • My family, especially my husband and daughter, who never let me give up on myself.
  • Every single person who donated money to help me make this book be the best it could be, including those who sent me some after my first failed Kickstarter campaing. I'm truly grate for people's belief in me.
  • And of course, readers and creators around the world, who validate for me every single day that creativity is part  of what it truly means to be human.

Thank you to everyone, including future readers. Together we can change the world, with all of our creative power.