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Recreating the Economy

Recreating the Economy
Mar 26, 2023 by Lisa A Kramer
I have been thinking a lot about money lately. 

I have also been thinking a lot about dreams and goals.

The problem is, that it sometimes feels like you can't have one without the other, and unfortunately we live in a world where the money often comes first. I want to change that so much. Dreams and goals should not only be available to those who can afford them. 

I took a scary (for me) leap yesterday , and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to publish my book RE-CREATING THE WORLD: THE POWER OF COLLABORATIVE CREATIVITY. 

Why was it scary? Because its hard for me to ask for help, especially in the form of money.  I struggle with feelings of failure when I realize that I am not financially secure. I sometimes fall into that gremlin-filled wormhole that tells me I haven't been
doing enough . . . working hard enough . . . creating a platform big enough. . . . being enough enough. 

Celebrating a Commitment to Creativity

Celebrating a Commitment to Creativity
Mar 22, 2023 by Lisa A Kramer
I wrote a book.

That's probably not a surprise, but the thing is that I finished the first draft in 2020. Then, I gave up on myself. I thought the book was good and had potential. It is a book that truly represents me and my goals for the future. But I let my gremlins talk me out of it, so the book simply sat there being sad. 
A hand drawn gremlin saying mean things to a person crouched in front of it.
Gremlin of Doubt

 I couldn't face the fear of rejection, of not doing it right, of not finding an agent, of being completely wrong about my own work. I was mired in the world which believed that the only legitimate books were traditionally published, and that I would never find that perfect agent who could get me the perfect publishing deal. 

Of course, I realize, you can never find them if you don't try. Still a part of me didn't want to try.


When You Open to Possibility

When You Open to Possibility
Mar 10, 2023 by Lisa A Kramer

Being Open to Possibilility Means that Possibilities Open Up

It always amazes me how a shift in mindset opens up new possibilities. 

I know that there a many coaches and thought leaders out there talking about manifesting your desires, dreams, money. While I do believe that the energy of the universe works with us, I also struggle with this concept.

Why? Because if things don't happen quickly, or to the extent that these coaches often promise, then it becomes "you didn't believe enough," or "you used the wrong words," or anything that shifts the blame to you rather than to their methods and practices.

For this reason, when I help people access their creativity I don't promise that they will become rich and famous. I know that, by allowing themselves to be more open and playful with their lives and their dreams, the possibility of more things open up.

How do I know this? Because it's happening to me right now!!!

Reintroduction, Letting Go, and Creating Anew

Reintroduction, Letting Go, and Creating Anew
Mar 05, 2023 by Lisa A Kramer


Welcome to my newly redesigned website! Whether you are new here or have been following me for a while, please consider signing up for my mailing list (located on the side bar) as transitioning from one platform to another made me lose a few things. It's totally my fault because sometimes technology makes me want to pound my head into my desk or send my computer flying. But that's not important now. 

Letting Go

Welcome to a new beginning, where I let go of 13 years of old blogs, to focus on what I am becoming, rather than what I was. Of course, I've saved some of them. I've kept my favorite or most popular posts. I've kept all of the posts by other authors in serious like #Celebrating our Unique Powers, and posts that focus on #Creativity, #Writing, #ArtsAndSocialJustice. I am letting go of the rants, many political posts, and some other random pieces. I am proud of all I have written, but I realize that looking forward, writing forward, and creating forward is what I choose to focus on.

Letting go is freeing somehow. As I sort through old posts, I discover things that have shifted, and questions that have changed. I recognized  areas of passion that grew stronger over the years. I said farewell to those that no longer serve me. I feel ready, now to conquer new projects, build new connections, discover new collaborations, and write new books.