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The Potential of Multiple Passions

Jul 19, 2021 by Lisa A Kramer
We should all be designing lives and careers that are aligned with how we're wired.Emilie Wapnick, "Why Some of Us Don't Have One True Calling" TedxBend, April 2015

I learned a new word today. One that truly resonated with me


What is a a multipotentialite? In the words of Emile Wapnick, who coined the term:

A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits. 

Why am I fascinated with this word?

Because of the woman who "couldn't" hire me for a project because she felt my energy and interests were too scattered (and then went on to hire someone close to me, telling that person I had turned her down--but that's a whole other story).

Because of the conversation I had recently with a woman...

Creativity and Leadership

Feb 17, 2021 by Lisa A Kramer
What makes a leader? What is leadership?

I've been pondering these questions a lot lately.

For you see, for some reason I don't seem to fit other people's definition of leadership. Sure, I have:

taken the lead throughout my lifemanaged box offices and volunteers for large eventsstarted companieslead classrooms and programsdirected artistic teams to full-scaled productions trained new teacherstaken leadership positions on boards and committees

Yet still, with all that, the word "leader" seems to somehow slide around me rather than attaching to me. It's a label that does not stick.

An article by Jacob Morgan on The Chief Learning Officer asks the same questions:

As part of the research for my new book, “The Future Leader,” I interviewed more than 140 CEOs around the...