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Lessons of An Independent Author: The POWER of Good News

I would be lying if I said that everything is a breeze once the book has actually been published. It's more like a roller coaster, with very steep peaks that take forever to climb and fast-paced drops into lows so long you feel trapped forever.

Perhaps, I suppose, if you are with a top 5 publisher who pours publicity power into your book, it might feel more like the journey of a rocket. But, if you are published through a small house, have to do most of your own publicity work, don't have a huge budget and are also juggling things like jobs, family, life . . . it can feel a little bit more like climbing Mount Everest with words.

And of course, since you've already poured your soul into this book, when things feel hardest is when you want to throw your hands up and surrender. I can't tell you how many times over the past few weeks that I felt like saying "forget it, I will never write again and this is all useless and meaningless."

But that way lies self defeat.

I have also learned something else recently. I have learned the power of thankfulness. I have learned how much energy comes from reminding yourself to celebrate the good things, even when things might seem bleak or chaotic.  When you do this, I believe, you leave the door for other good things to happen. The lows will still come, but the highs are joyous and worth remembering.

Today, P.O.W.ER has several things to celebrate:
  • This wonderful review in THE HUFFINGTON POST! Yes, I am in HUFF POST books, and I couldn't be happier.
  • An upcoming event at Wellesley Books! (For those of you interested, I have a calendar of upcoming events on my side bar). This one should be lots of fun, with several local writers, wine, books . . . how can you go wrong?
Self Pub flyer
  • I have been invited to participate in AuthorFest 2015 in Cape Elizabeth, ME. While we are still figuring out the details, I will be doing some workshops/presentations/book groups throughout the community (including in the schools) as well as participating in the final book celebration! More on that when it comes closer, but this was exciting news to receive when I was feeling really low.
  • I completed a draft of my next book. No, it is not a sequel to P.O.W.ER, but I think it should still be celebrated because writing isn't a "one hit wonder" kind of thing. If I've learned anything over recent months, it is the power of moving on, and not stopping just because you've achieved one goal. Unless, of course, you discover a new goal.
If you are in the area, and have the time, I would love to see you at Wellesley Books on February 26th. Pick up your own copy of P.O.W.ER or other wonderful reads and join the fun.

Meanwhile, tell me about some of the things you would like to celebrate. Also, consider contributing to the "Celebrating Our Unique Powers" series . . . life is a journey worth celebrating, why not join in?