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Author Events: The POWER of a Group, Part II

Hi again! Just sharing a little more information about the books/authors that will be featured at an event at Wellesley Books, on Feb. 26th. For the first post in the series, click here.

Self Pub flyer

I'm really excited to meet Suzy Duffy and pick up a copy of her book, Lincoln Ladies. Somehow I feel like she and I might have a lot in common--even though she's written many more books than I have. One reader said "“I had wondered who would be filling Maeve Binchy’s shoes ….. EXCELLENT ….. Highly Recommended" that thrills me to know end, because I was an admirer of Maeve Binchy.

Night of the Furies, by J.M. Taylor looks like a a fascinating combination of history and crime and I, for one, can't wait to read it.
"From the basement lounge of the Coconut Grove to James Michael Curley, from the Great Molasses Flood to the Old Howard, Giorgio has moved in some of the deadliest circles of the city, never forgetting that Fate sent him to kill his own mother. What he doesn't know is that Fate has still more in store for him, and one night can be very long indeed."
How can you resist a book called The Puppy Prince by Candace Tong-Li, especially if you have any little ones to buy for (or, if you are like me, you have an addiction to children's books). Candace also plans on contributing a post to my Celebrating Our Unique Powers series, and I am looking forward to it.

Rhoalda Wald's memoir, Myth of the Yellow Kitchen looks to be an inspirational read about "what happens when the dream of 'living happily ever after' turns into a nightmare " as well as the excitement that can happen when you face new possibilities. Since I believe in the power of possibility, I look forward to reading this book.

Wellesley Books

There you have it, a run down of some of the authors participating in this eclectic and exciting event. My only concern is that I will spend any money I earn--the dangers of entering the world of people who love books and reading as much as I do.

Stop by on Thursday, Feb 26th. Pick up something new to read. Meet authors. Drink wine. Where can you go wrong?

I hope to see you there.