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The Joy of Creative Chaos

by Lisa A Kramer
Have you ever noticed that creative people rarely do just one thing?

The balls I am currently keeping in the air

Think about it. Writers often write across disciplines, or give presentations and readings while working on multiple projects.

Actors are often in the process of rehearsing one project, while directing/producing another, while writing a book, and doing gigs with their bands.

Scientists (yes I think scientists are creative) might play musical instruments on the side, or be members of a chorus.

And anyone attempting to make a living as a freelance artist is usually juggling multiple projects at any given time.

This to me, is part of the joy that is creativity, because I truly believe that creativity breeds creativity. Some...

Lessons of an Independent Author: The Power of Inspiration

by Lisa A Kramer
This post might also be subtitled: Lessons I Learned from Andra Watkins-Author I confess that I haven't been to a lot of author events or book readings, unless you count my attendance at two SCBWI conferences.  I have attended a lot of talks and presentations by theatre people who write, but rarely do I attend things that are specifically about one person's book or books. On those rare occasions of attending book readings and author presentations I've seen a gamut of styles, which can be broken down (in my opinion) in the following way:

1. Ben Stein Presenters: people who read their own work in a monotone voice that motivates their audiences to sleep even if the words are wonderful

2. Wonders of the World; people...

Lessons of an Independent Author: Book Store Signings (Part 2)--The Human Element

by Lisa A Kramer
Several people have asked how I did it? How did I, an unknown author with a debut novel, no publicist, and an extremely limited budget get onto the calendar at bookstores?

I wish I could say I knew the magic spell--that I could wave my wand like Hermione and make my books appear on shelves all around the world. Bookstoricus Popularitus! Trying out my new magic spell.

Unfortunately that's not the way it works. I have plenty of non-responses from people, if not outright "No's!" to prove that there is no magic spell. I have a long list of "must and shoulds"--of people I need to contact if I want to continue growing as an author/presenter/independent artist (because remember I...

Lessons of an Independent Author: Bookstore Signings

by Lisa A Kramer
At the beginning of my signing.

I suppose the people with the big names and the big contracts get to have the dream signings at a bookstore. You know, the ones you see in the movies, where people gather around wine and discussion all because of one author. Perhaps it is a reading as well, but the author is treated as royalty and fans swarm around in the hopes that some of the genius will rub off. If you've ever seen the film CROSSING DELANCEY (1988) you know what I mean. (Although, I admit that the events are a little snooty and over the top).

I don't think that happens as much in the current world of books.


The Power of Invisible Connections: A Review of ORDER OF SEVEN by Beth Teliho

by Lisa A Kramer
Beth Teliho's debut novel, ORDER OF SEVEN brings together rich description, powerful imagery, sensual language, and fascinating glimpses of true history mixed with fantastical legends that offer explanations about some of the biggest mysteries of human kind. It is a book that I will need to revisit, simply to uncover the hidden gems of wisdom that appear throughout, as we travel on an unexpected journey with Devi Bennett and her fellow adventurers, each who have paranormal abilities defined by the gods (or some energy that connects us all). In addition to telling an intriguing story, Teliho challenges her readers to ask deep questions: What is the purpose of life? Are we controlled by destiny? What is our responsibility to nature...

Lessons of An Independent Author: The Power of a Group Event

by Lisa A Kramer

I already told you I was scared, nervous  . . . terrified. I already admitted the ridiculousness of that emotion. I mean, seriously, what a "first world problem"--terrified about signing books and the possibility that nobody would be interested. I'm rolling my own eyes, trust me.

But you can't always control your emotions. The gnawing nerve monsters creep into your system before an event and whisper words of failure and distress.

My nerves took over early. The event didn't start until 7 pm, but I convinced myself that I should leave the house by 4:00. Seriously, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, because the last time I headed in that direction to drop off books and then adjudicate...

Author Events: The POWER of a Group, Part II

by Lisa A Kramer
Hi again! Just sharing a little more information about the books/authors that will be featured at an event at Wellesley Books, on Feb. 26th. For the first post in the series, click here.

I'm really excited to meet Suzy Duffy and pick up a copy of her book, Lincoln Ladies. Somehow I feel like she and I might have a lot in common--even though she's written many more books than I have. One reader said "“I had wondered who would be filling Maeve Binchy’s shoes ….. EXCELLENT ….. Highly Recommended" that thrills me to know end, because I was an admirer of Maeve Binchy.

Night of the Furies, by J.M. Taylor looks like a a fascinating combination of history and crime and...