Lisa A. Kramer

Author, Speaker, Theater Artist, Creativity Facilitator

The Journey in Etheree

[caption id="attachment_3599" align="aligncenter" width="535" caption="As we drove from Iowa to Kansas yesterday, and I thought about the journey I am on, I decided to sketch.That then led to writing a poem. Please forgive the big error on this, I was doing it in the car after all."][/caption]

For the poem, I attempted another etheree, as I thought it would create the image of words moving into the distance down the road. It reads as follows:

Now Begins The Journey Moving onward into the unknown. In the distance, a choice as yet unseen, a tunnel a fork in the road to somewhere beyond the knowledge and the dreams and plans of the woman who moves forward bravely.


Today's Quote: 

"It is better to travel well than to arrive. " Buddha