Lisa A. Kramer

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Too Scattered to Write

Have you ever had one of those days when your mind is going a mile a minute and you cannot accomplish a single thing because of it?

Today is one of those days for me.

The list of things I could be doing or might be doing grows, and yet I fritter around like a hummingbird in a field of flowers, unable to rest, to calm, to think, to breathe or to write.


And, in the typical irony of fate,  today seems to be the day that I should be producing a high-quality fabulous post to thrill the masses. Why? Well, yesterday I had one of those randomly successful days on the blog, with the most visits ever for me--and today, without me posting, the numbers are high. Don't ask me? I'll never understand it.

But, instead of creating something wonderful and spectacular I find myself babbling a mile a minute without a single clear thought in my head.

So, welcome to all my new readers. Please come back soon, when sanity prevails. For now, I think I need to take a few deep breaths and try to calm down.

[caption id="attachment_3501" align="aligncenter" width="535" caption="If i could, I would go sit by the ocean to soak in some calm. But for now a picture will have to do."][/caption]



Today's Quote: 
‎"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress." Bruce Barton