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Welcome to My New Home

May 07, 2013 by Lisa A Kramer
I have been blogging over at Woman Wielding Words for over three years and thousands of miles. Literally, thousands of miles and millions of words. Since my first blog post there I have moved from Colorado to Iowa (for the summers) to Kansas and then back to my original home state of Massachusetts. I've driven cross-country several times, and flown to conferences in Seattle, WA and Lexington, KY. I've worked with Roma children in Slovakia, presented workshops and readings in New York City, and mourned my father's passing as I visited my in-laws in Hawaii.

I've written about it all.

I've also made incredible friendships with fellow bloggers, meeting a few of them along the way. I've even managed to gather a few followers...

The Power of Timeless Words

The Power of Timeless Words
Jun 02, 2012 by Lisa A Kramer
I just read an amazing book.

It contains words, as books usually do, and offers clarity that can speak to people from any generation, especially women but I think the lessons apply to both sexes. It contains poetry, imagery, honesty, insight, and peace.

While I bought the Kindle version, I wish I owned a hard copy. I want to write notes in pencil in the margin, dog ear pages, and read it over and over again. I know, some of you are wincing at the thought of the desecration of the pristine pages, but I don't see it as that. I would see it as revisiting an old friend for advice, learning from its wisdom, and giving it the sheen of a...

OCCUPY THANKSGIVING Meets the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

OCCUPY THANKSGIVING Meets the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups
Nov 22, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
This week  marks the 20th 100 Word Challenge over at Julia's Place. I think I have missed a couple, but it has been a wonderful journey through incredible writing.

As usual, Julia has set us an interesting challenge. In her words: Now for this week we are going topical again. The King James bible celebrated it’s 400th birthday last week. Although it is a religious text is has formed our language across the years. It has some surprising phrases that we use often in  everyday conversations.

The prompt this week is to use at least one of these for inspiration.

…the powers that be  /  the apple of his eye  /   the writing...

Riding on the Coattails of Fame

Nov 19, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
I heard a radio advertisement yesterday that the great  great (great?) grandson of Charles Dickens would be presenting a reading of A Christmas Carol somewhere, creating different voices of all the characters.

Image via Wikipedia

Interesting? Perhaps, but it got me thinking about how many people get opportunities to publish, to speak, to act, to . . . whatever,  simply because of their relationship to someone famous. They may not have a single talent in their own right, but a distant link to a distant relative gets their foot in the door like nothing else can.

I suppose the children of writers, artists, actors, great politicians (if there is such a thing), speakers, etc. have it in their blood,  but...

Life's Wisdom Learned in Works for Children

Life's Wisdom Learned in Works for Children
Nov 09, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
Whenever the craziness and insanity of our world gets to be too much, I find myself turning to old favorite things for comfort. Sometimes that means putting in a good romantic comedy (When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, Notting Hill, or The Holiday are my recent go to picks). But, more often than not, I search for comfort in all things related to children--movies, books, and television shows (even the most obnoxious ones from Disney). Of course, some of my go to comforts aren't specifically for children, but most of them filter the world through the eyes of childhood and reveal that children are much closer to simple truth than so many adults who think they know everything.

The past...

Farewell is a Hard Word to Say

Aug 21, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
Sometimes I wish I had been one of those people who never left home, and was content staying in the town she grew up in living among family and friends who have known her forever.

But I'm not. Instead I have been a person who travels, gathering experiences and friends wherever I go.

Yet, I find it difficult to make friends, difficult to trust. Not because of my travelling ways but for numerous other reasons that are difficult to explain or understand. I am shy. I doubt my worthiness as a friend. I don't feel cool enough.  I don't want to intrude. All of these reasons and more make it challenging for me to become close to people.

So when I connect with...

The Journey as Sestina

The Journey as Sestina
Aug 20, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
 I felt like writing poetry today, and decided to challenge myself by writing in a form called Sestina. I've only used this form once before, in a poem I wrote years ago for my sister called "A Sestina from the Heart".  MOVING INTO THE UNKNOWN Box by box, item by item, I pack for our move to a place both familiar and yet unknown pursuing a life or perhaps a dream of days filled with fulfilling work and challenges met with a smile, a laugh, and joy and evenings filled with stars, friends, and peace. What will it take to find that peace? Does the solution lie with this next move? Or does the truth lie with inner joy and acceptance that life is a journey into the unknown with every day...

"A Dog's Purpose" Meets the Journey

Aug 19, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer

"Can you give away your dogs?"

That question, from a rental agent, hit me in the gut as I began searching for a place to live as we make this next move. We still do not know for sure where we will live, because the simple answer to that question was "No."

Can we give away our dogs? Why should we have to?

This morning, as I avoided packing some more, I finished reading A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron. The book tells the story of a dog's many lives, a warm and wonderful creature who yearns to find the purpose in his existence--a purpose that ultimately relates to loving and being loved in return. Shouldn't that be the...

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Aug 18, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
I am doing it. The ultimate sacrifice. In the name of a lighter load, I am purging my t-shirt collection. Now, to be fair, I believe I have done this a few times before, as many of my t-shirts seem to have disappeared, but it is never easy. Have you ever thought about the story of your life as it is told through fashion? Well, obviously we all go through trends and stages of fashion in our life. But, since I avoid the camera and haven't really kept up with fashion trends (or really shopped for myself) for a long time, I can't share that story here. I can, however, share part of my story as it is told through t-shirts....

The Path Forward (100 word challenge)

Aug 16, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
As you can tell, my posts seem to be following a theme this week. Please forgive. ;)

The sun shone but could not penetrate the shadowy darkness under the trees, except in tiny ribbons reflecting through dancing leaves. Elaina could only see a few feet down the rough dirt path. She hesitated, looking back, before entering the dimness, fearful of what lay ahead. Four steps in and the silence grew overpowering. Her skin tingled with the feeling of eyes watching, hidden in the depths of the silent trees. “You can do this,” she whispered to herself. “Your future lies ahead.” Slowly she moved deeper into the mysterious trees, accompanied only by the knowledge that this was the path meant for her.


The Journey in Etheree

The Journey in Etheree
Aug 16, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer

For the poem, I attempted another etheree, as I thought it would create the image of words moving into the distance down the road. It reads as follows: Now Begins The Journey Moving onward into the unknown. In the distance, a choice as yet unseen, a tunnel a fork in the road to somewhere beyond the knowledge and the dreams and plans of the woman who moves forward bravely. ____________________ Today's Quote: 

"It is better to travel well than to arrive. " Buddha 

On the Road Again . . . Into the Unknown

On the Road Again . . . Into the Unknown
Aug 15, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer

I've always had the secret fantasy of becoming a singer in a band, sharing music with the masses as I travel from town to town. I have the hidden urge to be a song writer, but that would require me to become much more fluent in the language of music then I currently am. Of course, I can read it a little better now, since I decided to start studying piano last year, but I lost the fluency of my youth.

But this post isn't about music, or about my secret dreams. It is about journeys and our path through life.  I would have to argue that "journey of life" is one of my guiding metaphors, but I've forgotten that recently....

Luck, Life, and Inspiration

Luck, Life, and Inspiration
Aug 14, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
My mind is working at a frenetic pace, bouncing from thought to thought, image to image, idea to idea. It almost feels like my brain is full of thousands of fireflies, butterflies, and hummingbirds racing around in a magical dance whose meaning I could understand and interpret if only I knew the secret language of their nearly silent song.

Despite this chaotic dance, I feel the need to post. Writing for me is a way of making meaning, yet, even as I write I still feel confused. So today I want to share some of the fleeting thoughts and images that have added to the mental disarray.

This week the world offered me many messages. So I will share with you the...

Advertising Self

Advertising Self
Aug 12, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer

Our world runs on advertising. Homes for sale or rent, products to sell,  places to visit, services . . . we all find them through advertisements.

But advertising, as I was reminded quite painfully yesterday, can be false. (Where do people think of these scams?)

I've been thinking a lot about advertising lately, as I try to figure out how best to move forward into the next adventure of my life. I have to advertise myself. I have to advocate for myself as well. I have to promote and sell myself, and I simply don't know how. I can do it for other people really well, but when it comes to self-promotion or self-advertising I...

"Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First"

Aug 11, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
 The logic of this advice given by most airlines makes sense. You cannot help your child get her oxygen mask on if you are gasping for breath yourself.

Yet how often do we ignore this idea in our own lives? I am guilty. I have spent many years giving everyone else the oxygen they need, little recognizing my own blueness of face and gasps for air.

Yesterday, as Nathan and I took a walk in nature lit by moonlight, we talked about the future and what this upcoming move meant for us as a family and for me as an individual. We had just finished watching Crazy, Stupid, Love which, while fun and funny, also hit a few nerves in some ways. The...

It's All in the Perspective

It's All in the Perspective
Aug 10, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
"I can't believe we have a summer home!" Sarah KramerLee Nathan and I couldn't help but laugh at Sarah's perspective on our summer lives. While my idea of a summer home might be more like this:

with the ability to do this on a regular basis:

to Sarah that doesn't matter. In her mind, and her perspective, this simple little cabin is our "summer home."

To Nathan this place is "like going back for a family reunion after not seeing them for a while." It is a place...

All We Need to Know About Life

All We Need to Know About Life
Aug 07, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
I don't know where this originated but I stole . . . um borrowed this from my friend's Facebook page because I found it full of inspiration and truth.

Here's the thing, life is not worth living if we spend all our time worrying and stressing over things beyond our control.  Life should be something we embrace every day with passion and joy.

I am hereby making a promise to myself to live my life as joyously as possible. I'm going to trust the universe to provide what I need, and meanwhile I am going to continue to work towards achieving the dreams and goals that I have for my life.

What exactly are those dreams and goals? Well they seem to be...

Pursuing Passion and Creating a Life in a World Gone Mad

Aug 06, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
I have never really followed a traditional career path.

Don't get me wrong, I've had tons of jobs, and have been successful at each one. Give me a challenge and I live up to it and surpass that challenge. Most of my employers would hire me back in a second.

But I'm not really a  9-5 kind of gal. I can work 40 hour weeks, and I often work more than that, but I function best in jobs that offer variety and flexibility. When I do have full-time office jobs with regular hours, I tend to fill my other time with other kinds of work to fulfill this need for diversity. At the same time, I try to go above and beyond...

The Power of Social Media, College Networks, and Support Systems

Aug 05, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer
I have made a discovery!

In my panic of the past few days as I struggle to figure out how to move a family from Kansas to Massachusetts in less than a month without having to give up my dog babies, I have tried to expand my search for both housing and work. I announced the move on Facebook. I've updated my LinkedIn profile. I joined an alumnae group for Smith College on LinkedIn. And I've written posts here.

An amazing thing has started to happen. No, I haven't found a place to live or a house yet, but suddenly I feel less alone. First came the wonderful and supportive comments on my posts here. Then came e-mails from the alumnae group--one...

A Letter of Apology

Aug 04, 2011 by Lisa A Kramer

Dear Kansas,

I am sorry if you think I hate you. I don't. I have struggled in my time here, but only because of my own problems not because of you.

I recognize the many wonderful things about you. I've been so impressed by the volunteerism in this community, from helping with arts programming to giving time and supplies after natural disasters, this community supports each other. I've met incredible people here, especially some lovely women who have become the woman I want to be, living vibrant fulfilled lives fighting for what they believe in, and creating what they want to see happen. I have had great opportunities here, to do interesting work with wonderful people.